Canada is a land of opportunity and wonder. Our natural bounty is enviable by many nations worldwide, and it affords our citizenry a better quality of life. The lakes and rivers team with life, as do the mountains, forests and even our cities. But, for all of the huge benefits we receive in this wonderful country, certain locations come with a drawback or two.

One of the best examples is snow removal in Calgary. Sure, when the snow is covering the mountaintops, we can get behind it. But when it comes to clearing the white stuff out of our city streets, walkways and driveways, the story begins to change significantly. Therefore, we present some of the best methods for clearing your driveway without giving into frustration.

4 Tips for Driveway Ice & Snow Removal in Calgary

Start with a Salt Sprinkle

The first thing you want when to do when dealing with ice is sprinkle ice salt all over it. Not only will this help prevent unfortunate slips or trips, but it will also eat away at the ice. On particularly sunny days, this can make the ice melt much faster.

Get an Ice Breaker

When it comes to ice and snow removal in Calgary, we love our gadgets. Snow shovels with spring-loaded feedback and telescoping handles are very popular. Another gadget that driveway owners love is an ice breaker. This heavy metal pole is flattened on one end to make driving it into ice easy and effective.

Shoveling Snow from Sidewalk

Be an Opportunist

To feel truly Canadian, the best option isn’t to work hard. Instead, it is much more important to observe your surroundings and wait for the perfect opportunity to strike. For ice or snow removal in Calgary, this means attacking the ice when it is weakest, namely during the day. By choosing your opportunities, you prevent the cold and unpleasant ice-breaking at the crack of dawn and the slidey miserableness of snow clearing in the dark.

Take Your Time

There is no prize in having the cleanest driveway first. Don’t struggle to clean off the concrete pad. Take it easy and remember that it will always melt. For public areas though, make sure those are clear, lest you face the wrath of our friendly bylaw officers. 

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