Keeping Calgary Sidewalks Safe

Snow-covered sidewalks can be dangerous for employees and customers who risk falling on hidden ice. The snow can also cause significant issues for your business, preventing pedestrians and potential customers from accessing your building. With the latest tools and equipment, the Economy team can clear away light and dense snow layers from around your business property. We’ll keep your sidewalks safe while ensuring that your business maintains its curbside appeal.

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Prevent Accidents

Slips and falls are very common on slippery snowy sidewalks, especially when there is hidden ice below the snow. We can improve the safety of property by removing all snow from your sidewalks.

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Improve Experience

A clear sidewalk is a safe sidewalk and presents a pleasant experience for customers, pedestrians and employees. We can enhance the reputation of your business by removing snow from surrounding sidewalks.

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Enhance Accessibility

Snow-covered sidewalks can deter customers from entering your business and individuals with limited mobility will find it nearly impossible. Clearing the snow will enhance accessibility and convenience for all patrons.

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Avoid Fines

The City of Calgary penalizes all private and commercial properties with sidewalks that are not cleared of snow and ice within the first 24 hours after the snowfall ends. Avoid fines and potential legal issues that can arise if an accident occurs.

Committed to Safety

Safety is and always has been our #1 concern. Not only do our snow removal services keep pedestrians and motorists safe, but we also ensure the safety of our team through adequate equipment training and compliance with provincial safety standards. 
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commercial snow removal Calgary
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calgary snow removal
calgary snow removal

Professional Sidewalk
Clearing & Sweeping

As the City of Calgary requires property owners to remove snow and ice within 24 hours after a snowfall ends, you need a prompt and fast service. At Economy, we take great pride in ensuring that our customers have access to our professional services whenever they require. As a certified A+ BBB business, we communicate professionally and promptly, ensuring that we have all the details to complete a high-quality service.

commercial snow removal Calgary
snow removal company calgary
commercial snow removal Calgary

Why Our Customers Love Us

At Economy, we are 100% committed to safety with 24/7 service available in the case of emergencies and heavy snowfall. Honesty and transparency are at the heart of our company, and our trustworthy reputation has been built on these values. This foundation has allowed us to build fruitful and long-term relationships with our customers while delivering on urgent requests. Experience these values firsthand when you sign up for sidewalk snow removal services from Economy Snow.

1 Safety Assessment

We will conduct a safety assessment to ensure that the areas are secure. With beacons, safety outfits and alarms, we commit 100% to safety for all employees, customers and pedestrians.

2 Removing Snow-Covered Area

We use the latest tools and equipment at our disposal, including snowblowers and sweepers, to clear light layers of snow from the pavement. If there are levels of heavier snow, we will plow it away.

3 Apply Ice Melt or Haul Snow if Required

If there are layers of ice underneath the snow, we will apply our non-corrosive ice melt to remove it. If there is excessive snow, we can haul it away.

What To Expect

Avoid fines, reduce the risks of accidents and falls on your property and maintain access and convenience to your business by contacting us for sidewalk snow removal. We provide fast response, effective techniques and affordable pricing. We have all the necessary tools to handle all sized projects on various properties, including office buildings, industrial areas and shopping malls. Expect the complete snow sidewalk removal package with our team.


We use snowblowers and sweepers to clear light layers of snow from the pavement, while snow plowers for heavier amounts.  

Within 24 hours after a snowfall ends, we will arrive at your property – day or night – and clear away the snow.
Once the opportunity arises, we will be at your location, ready to clear snow away from your property.
Yes, we can. As well as parking lots and sidewalks, we can remove snow from roads and pavements.