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Mastering Snow Removal: Techniques for Various Driveway Surfaces

As winter blankets our surroundings in a serene layer of snow, the beauty comes with its fair share of challenges, particularly when it comes to maintaining clear driveways. Snow plowing in Calgary is a crucial task to ensure safety and accessibility during the colder months. However, not all driveways are created equal, and different surfaces demand tailored techniques for effective snow removal.

Concrete Driveways


Concrete driveways are durable but can be susceptible to damage if not cleared properly. Shoveling is a common and effective method, but it’s essential to use a snow shovel with a plastic edge to prevent scraping the concrete surface. Avoid using metal shovels, as they can lead to unsightly scratches.


For larger areas, consider using a snow blower with adjustable settings to prevent unnecessary force on the concrete. Apply an ice melt product designed specifically for concrete surfaces to prevent the formation of dangerous ice patches. Another option is enlisting the help of professional snow plowing in Calgary – especially if you have a long or large driveway.


Asphalt Driveways


Asphalt driveways are more pliable than concrete, making them prone to damage from aggressive snow removal methods. Use a snow shovel with a rubber or plastic edge to minimize the risk of chipping or gouging the asphalt. A snow blower with rubber-tipped blades is also a good option for larger areas.


To prevent the accumulation of ice, apply a layer of rock salt or calcium chloride. These substances are effective in melting ice without causing harm to the asphalt. Be cautious with the quantity used, as excess salt can lead to environmental and structural issues over time.


Gravel Driveways


Gravel driveways present a unique set of challenges for snow removal. Traditional snow plows can displace gravel and damage the driveway’s surface. Opt for a snow blower with adjustable skid shoes to maintain a suitable height above the gravel.


Shoveling is a viable option for lighter snowfall, but be careful not to scoop up too much gravel in the process. Applying sand or cat litter on the driveway surface after removal can enhance traction and prevent slipping on icy patches.


Brick or Paver Driveways


Brick or paver driveways offer an aesthetically pleasing option, but they require careful handling during snow removal. Shoveling is generally safe, but be gentle to avoid dislodging or damaging individual bricks. A snow blower with a plastic scraper can be used with caution.


Avoid using ice melt products containing calcium chloride or rock salt, as they can cause damage to the surface. Instead, choose a de-icing product specifically formulated for use on brick or paver driveways.


Final Thoughts


Mastering snow removal for different driveway surfaces involves a combination of careful technique and the right tools. Whether your driveway is made of concrete, asphalt, gravel, or brick, understanding the specific needs of each surface will help you maintain a clear and safe pathway throughout the winter months.


By adopting these tailored removal techniques for snow plowing in Calgary, you can preserve the integrity of your driveway while ensuring a secure and accessible environment for yourself and others.


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