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Who is Responsible for Snow Removal on a Rental Property?

Calgary snow removal can be a real hassle, especially for large commercial businesses and parking lots. Navigating hidden obstacles like bollards and parking stones can lead to all sorts of issues and requires a professional hand to achieve the best results. Otherwise, property damage and personal injury may be the result.

Unfortunately, the problem gets even more complex when it comes to rental properties. Now people have to worry about damaging someone else’s property and the ensuing problems that may result. Therefore many people ask the question, “who is actually responsible for this job?”

Luckily, that is the exact question we attempt to answer today. 

Of course, for Economy Snow Removal, the answer is obvious; we are the best choice for all of your snow removal needs. When it comes to rental agreements and those responsibilities, however, we can only provide guidance, advice and fantastic service.

Who is Responsible for Calgary Snow Removal? 

Ultimately, the best way to determine who is responsible for Calgary snow removal is by looking at the occupation agreement. This may take the form of a lease, rental agreement or another document, but it should contain information about snow removal and other property maintenance activities.

Now, there may be limitations on this concept, but it is always the right first step to take. An example of a limitation would be if your city does not have bylaws regarding snow removal. Often this is not the case in northern climates, but if there are citywide systems in place, then snow removal may not be the responsibility of the tenant or the property owner. 

Get Started on Calgary Snow Removal Now!

There you have it, a straightforward and simple way to determine the snow removal responsibility. Again, if you are looking for commercial snow removal services, contact us for more information today!

Economy Snow Removal is the household name for commercial snow removal in Calgary. We know that winter can wreak havoc on roads, parking lots and sidewalks around your business. We provide the solutions that ensure your property is safe for pedestrians, employees and customers while remaining visible and accessible. With over four generations of experience, skills, and modern tools and equipment, we can handle any job, big or small. We can aid any situation by offering ice removal, snow hauling, property maintenance and snow plowing in Calgary. With consecutive Consumer Choice awards, you know you’re getting value and quality with our trustworthy team.

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