Enhancing Building Aesthetics & Safety

First impressions matter. A clean and safe environment keeps your employees and residents happy, whether you own a condo building or an industrial complex. Economy’s commitment to quality workmanship and superior service has enabled us to enhance and maintain our reputation for four generations. We ensure attention to detail as we strive to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. As an award-winning company, we can handle all your property maintenance in Calgary

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Our Property
Services in Calgary

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Our Property
Services in Calgary

Grass Cutting

A well-maintained lawn makes a huge difference in the overall exterior aesthetic of your property. Grass cutting also contributes to the health of the lawn.

Spring Cleanups

We'll prepare your property for summer by clearing away leaves, branches, and debris left from the winter months.

Fall Cleanups

Fall cleanups help to protect your grass through the winter months. We perform overseeding, weed control, pruning, fertilizing, and more.


Fertilizer contains nutrients that your grass needs to survive and thrive. Professional fertilizing services can also help with weed reduction and soil protection.

Weed Trimming

We can keep your lawn looking healthy and beautiful through safe weed treatments and trimming in hard to reach areas.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning services are necessary for maintaining a professional and clean aesthetic. Pruning involves clearing away dead branches to promote new growth.


Enhancing the softscape of your property - such as plants and horticultural elements - can ensure it maintains a lively and comfortable atmosphere.

Asphalt Patching

We can patch any potholes, cracks, or divets in your parking lot to ensure optimal safety for drivers. We also perform asphalt maintenance and other repairs.

Curb Assessments

We conduct curbside assessments to ensure that your business is safe for customers and employees. We also suggest improvements.

Line Painting

Bright and clear road lines make it easy for customers to navigate and find parking, ensuring a safe driving experience.

Parkade Cleaning

Our services help to keep your parkade clean and safe throughout the year, improving safety and preventing future damage.

Power Sweeping

We utilize specialized equipment to clear all paved areas of gravel, dust, and debris, leaving your business professionally maintained.

Committed to Safety

Safety is and always has been our #1 concern. Not only do our snow removal services keep pedestrians and motorists safe, but we also ensure the safety of our team through adequate equipment training and compliance with provincial safety standards. 

Year-Round Property
Maintenance in Calgary

Our year-round property maintenance in Calgary is ideal for any commercial building. You have plenty on your plate managing your company and running your business. Allow us to maintain your business’s exterior to ensure an inviting aesthetic, all year round. From grass cutting and tree pruning to commercial snow removal in Calgary, we return season after season to take care of your property.

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The Importance of Property Maintenance

We know the importance of ensuring a property looks its best at all times, be it winter, spring, fall or summer. We can help your business maintain an enhanced curb appeal, a positive reputation, and a safer environment for customers and employees. There’s no question that investing in property maintenance in Calgary is a worthwhile decision that can pay huge dividends.

1 Assess Your Property

We begin with a thorough assessment so that we can see what is required and evaluate the current condition of the property.

2 Commence Operations Within a Safe Zone

As always, we only begin operations within a secure zone that ensures we can complete the job effectively while ensuring customers, pedestrians, and employees are safe.

3 Schedule You In For Next Time

If you sign-up for year-round services, we will provide you with a schedule for the maintenance required during the spring and summer months. And as soon as the snow falls, we'll be there to clear it.

What To Expect

Our year-round commercial and condo property maintenance services can help your company earn a positive reputation. From lawn patching and spring clean-ups to snow plowing in Calgary, we return each season to care for your property. Regardless of the service you require, you can expect our team to be prompt, professional and focused on enhancing the value, appearance, and safety of your business.


We offer grass cutting, spring and fall cleanups, fertilizing, weed trimming, asphalt patching, line painting and more.  

We know that property maintenance is a 24/7-365 necessity. We offer season-specific services. 

Yes, we are! We understand that things happen out of the blue, so we’re ready for anything. You can count on us 24/7. 

We perform parking lot sweeping and parkade maintenance in the summer and snow plowing and clearing in the winter.